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Saturday, March 22, 2014 On Saturday March 22nd at 2229, the Hillsborough Fire District was dispatched to James Town Commons for the reported smoke condition on the 2nd floor. Chief 37 and Chief36 both checked in service with Chief 37 arriving and having the command and Chief 36 taking interior operations. Chief 36 confirmed a heavy smoke condition on Division 2, and requested a 2nd alarm be sounded. Engine 37 tagged the plug on the way in forward laying 200′ of 5 inch line, with Ladder 36 taking the address and sending the ladder to the roof. Interior sector reported heavy smoke but no signs of fire, and requested crews into the exposure units. Ladder 36 crew was sent to the roof to prepare for possible vertical ventilation and to check the roof areas for possible fire. Engine 37 crew pulled one 1 3/4″ line to the fire apartment. Ladder 38 arrived and sent the ladder to the roof on the Bravo exposure. Ladder 38 crew pulled a 1 3/4″ handline to the Delta exposure. After searching all divisions and all exposures, interior sector chief determined the smoke was from a possible malfunction of the furnace and that no fire conditions were present.

Additional companies on the scene: Deputy 36, Assistenat 36, Deputy 37, Assistant 37, Tower 37, RIT 26, RIT 28, Tower 42, EMS 79, HTPD, EMS 79