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During our weekly work detail on Thursday February 12th Flagtown Fire ran a RIT drill.  Members split into 2 teams and went through 2 scenarios.  Both started with searching for a downed firefighter in dark smoky conditions. In the first scenario, the team dealt with an air emergency and practiced connecting the RIT pack and swapping out a mask or regulator.  In the second scenario, the team packaged and removed the downed firefighter using the Rite Rescue System.  The drill was a great refresher and confidence builder for all.20150212_193120 20150212_194406 20150212_194747 20150212_194757 20150212_194819 20150212_194833 20150212_195313 20150212_203140 20150212_203204 20150212_203400 20150212_203430 20150212_203654 20150212_203733 20150212_203815 20150212_203907 20150212_214731 20150212_214748