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On March 10th at 0625 Stations 36 and 48 along with Rescue 79 were dispatched the area of Amwell Rd and Woodfern for a single car crash. Assistant 48 arrived on scene and advised a single car into a pole with heavy entrapment. Medevac was also requested at that time. Chief 36 arrived on scene and took operations branch while Rescue 79 crews started stabilization and extrication. This call quickly turned into an “All Hands” call as members from Engine 36 & 48 and Rescue 49 (Flemington / Raritan Squad) assisted in extrication, patient packaging and assistance to the North Star helicopter. Due to the extensive damage to the car, rescue personnel worked for approximately an hour to remove the patient. All 36 units cleared a little before 8am as 48 remained on scene to close the road and wait for the wrecker.

A job well done by all personnel on scene as extreme icy conditions, and rough terrain added to the obstacles to overcome.MVC - 03-10-2015 - Amwell & Woodfern 001 MVC - 03-10-2015 - Amwell & Woodfern 002 MVC - 03-10-2015 - Amwell & Woodfern 003 MVC - 03-10-2015 - Amwell & Woodfern 004 Plate Blur