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On Wednesday September 9th at 1227 RIT 36 was requested into Franklin Township for an exterior electrical fire at a large industrial building. While enroute command advised the fire had involved an electrical room and sections of an interior maintenance area on the Huntington Life Sciences complex off Mettlers Road. Ladder 36 arrived and was advised by Operations to beach the rig and set up on the Alpha (front) side of the building. Ladder 36 crews retrieved all of the commercial specialized tools and set up at the front door. As conditions and tactics changed, RIT 36 moved locations 3 separate times to be close to where interior crews were working. Approximately 4 to 5 hours later, relief crews from Bridgewater Station 30 were on scene to relive RIT 36. Crews battled high heat and humidity throughout the entire operational period.RIT Call - 09-09-2015 - 100 Mettlers Road 001 RIT Call - 09-09-2015 - 100 Mettlers Road 003 RIT Call - 09-09-2015 - 100 Mettlers Road 004