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Flagtown Fire would like to congratulate the following members who reached a years of service milestone in 2015. Thank you for your service to our community and for your dedication to safeguarding the life and property of our neighbors.Black Maltese

Randy Guerrera 45 Years
Greg Kane 45 Years
Mike Merdinger 39 Years
Paul Thomas 35 Years
Everett Heider 25 Years
Tim Murphy 15 Years
Jeff Singer 15 Years
Crystal DeCicco 10 Years
Pete Heitz 10 Years
Chris Lachowski 10 Years
Eric Regiec 10 Years
Ryan Dusseau 5 Years
Keith Laufhutte 5 Years
Kevin Scisorek 5 Years
Mike Singer 5 Years
Tony Spinelli 5 Years
Bill Woodruff 5 Years