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On Friday April 8th at 0248 the Hillsborough Fire district was dispatched to Amwell Road for a possible structure fire.  Captain 36-2 arrived on scene, established command, and confirmed visible fire on interior of the building on the Charlie side with smoke showing on the exterior.  Assistant 36 arrived on scene and Assistant 36, Deputy 37, and Captain 36-2 began to knock down the fire with extinguishers while Chief 48 assumed command.  Chief 36 arrived and took command of Alpha side operations.  Ladder 36 arrived with along with apparatus from the rest of the district.  Lines were pulled off multiple trucks and the fire was extinguished and the structure searched for residents.  All units cleared the scene at 0448.Structure Fire - 04-08-2016 - 724 Amwell Road - Bill 001 Structure Fire - 04-08-2016 - 724 Amwell Road 001