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On Tuesday May 31st at 1332 Flagtown Fire was dispatched to assist 79 Rescue in locating and retrieving a lost and injured hiker from the Sourland Mountain Preserve.  Crews from Brush 36, Ranger 36, Brush 36-2, and Ladder 36 arrived on scene, joined crews from Rescue 79, and began attempts to locate and treat the hiker.  Dense and nearly impassable terrain sidelined Brush 36-2, Ranger 36 and Gator 79. Rescue crews were forced to continue the search on foot.  With more manpower needed to expedite the search, 79 command had Stations 37, 38, and 48 dispatched to the scene.  FM-10D along with the park rangers and the crew from 79 located the hiker on Trail 1 at the Devil’s Boulders.  They proceeded to treat her injuries while the remaining manpower made their way to the hiker’s location.  With everyone in place the hiker was packaged and carried out of the preserve.  The journey out was difficult as rescuers had to traverse rough terrain and navigate many very steep declines.  Upon successful removal from the woods, the patient was transported.  All units cleared the scene at 1643.Search & Rescue - 05-31-2016 - Sourland Mountain Preserve - Patch 001 Search & Rescue - 05-31-2016 - Sourland Mountain Preserve - Patch 002 Search & Rescue - 05-31-2016 - Sourland Mountain Preserve 001