Medal of Valor Awards

Lieutenant Dave Foelsch

Firefighter Jeff Singer

Firefighter Dave Martinez

March 3, 2006

On the night of March 3rd 2006 Lt. Foelsch was leading a team of 5 firefighters in defensive operations at a large structure fire at Bradco Supply. After battling what was determined to be the largest fire in Branchburg Townships’ history for several hours, command made a decision to bring in large construction equipment to move around debris and building supplies to fully extinguish the fire. During this operation, a county excavator swung a large piece of building debris toward Firefighter Lindsay Krahn as she was passing off her hand line to another firefighter of her crew. With disregard for his own safety, Lt. Foelsch and firefighters Jeff Singer and Dave Martinez moved forward and pulled Firefighter Krahn to safety, with the heavy debris coming inches of striking her. It is a fact that Lt. Foelsch’s quick thinking actions, saved Firefighter Krahn from serious injury at this incident. It is also a fact the Lt. Foelsch shows true devotion to protecting life and property, and to the well being of firefighters in his charge. Lt. Foelsch’s actions should be held in the highest regard, and is a testament to the long standing history of company unity held by the Flagtown Fire Department.