Other Awards

Dec 13, 2011 – Township Proclamation

Awarded to Assistant Chief Dave Foelsch

On Tuesday November 22nd, a 72 year old man playing cards in the townships senior center experienced a severe medical emergency. The Hillsborough Fire Marshals office was alerted to this incident with in seconds of his emergency beginning. Chief Fire Marshal Chris Weniger, Deputy Fire Marshal John Yanko, Fire Marshal John Andreychak and Fire Marshal Dave Foelsch immediately responded and started treating the patient. With in seconds, it was determined the patient was in cardiac arrest and CPR was administered until a defibrillator was attached. The Fire Marshals office was able to administer 3 shocks and CPR prior to the arrival of the Somerset Medical Center Paramedics. The Fire Marshals Office continued assisting the Hillsborough Rescue Squad and the Somerset Paramedics with patient care for well over 30 minutes until the patient’s heart was restarted and he started to breathe on his own again. Further assistance was given until the patient was transferred to Somerset Medical Center’s Emergency Department.




July 27, 2010 – Township Proclamation

Awarded to Deputy Chief Eric DeCicco

On June 1, 2010 at 20:57 hours Stations 36 was dispatched to a structure fire on Amwell Rd. Deputy Chief Eric DeCicco and 48 Chief Bill Iden arrived simultaneously. Chief Iden established command and Deptuy Chief DeCicco proceeded interior to investigate where he determined the cause of the alarm was an electrical panel fire which was now out. After radioing an update to Chief Iden 3 times and receiving no response, Deputy Chief DeCicco proceeded to the exterior to conduct a face to face with Command. Upon exiting the structure Deputy Chief DeCicco found Chief Iden laying unconscious on the ground in cardiac arrest. Deputy Chief DeCicco immediately notified County Dispatch of the firefighter down situation, ordered an expedited BLS response, and conducted a patient assessment. Discovering no pulse, he opened Chief Iden’s airway and began CPR. After 2 rounds of CPR, 79 Units arrived on scene with an AED. The AED analyzed Chief Iden’s heart rhythm and advised a shock was necessary. Deputy Chief DeCicco delivered the shock. A second shock was required after which Chief Iden regained a pulse and began breathing on his own. Chief Iden was then transported to Hunterdon Medical Center by 79 Units and has since recovered fully. Deputy Chief DeCicco’s quick actions that night prevented a tragedy and ensured that Chief Iden did not become a statistic.



1996 – Commissioner Appreciation Award

Awarded to Greg Kane by Flagtown Fire.

In appreciation for his service as commissioner from 1990 – 1996.



1992 – Firefighter of the Year

Awarded to Greg Kane by the Ladies Auxiliary.

For all the help he provided to the Ladies Auxiliary throughout the year.



1988 – 50 Years of Service

Awarded to the Kane Family by Flagtown Fire.

For their tireless dedication and service to Station 36 from 1938 – 1988.